Advanced monitoring, auditing logs
    in your applications easily.

    Advanced monitoring, auditing logs
    in your applications easily.

    Easily incorporate Audit log into your applications and give your users the power of historical data.

    99.99% SLA

    Guaranteed uptime and reliability for your applications.

    Millions of Events

    We handle high volume traffic and events with ease.

    Indexed Event Search

    Easily search and retrieve your indexed events for quick access.

    Empowering your apps with audit log

    Audit logs in SaaS applications enhance security, accountability, and compliance, while facilitating issue resolution, usage analysis, and fraud prevention.

    • Security and Compliance

      An audit log ensures adherence to security standards, identifying potential breaches or policy violations for compliance.

      1. Transparency and Accountability

        It provides visibility into user actions, fostering accountability and trust among users and administrators.

      2. Problem Resolution and Diagnosis

        In troubleshooting, it offers insights into past actions, aiding in issue resolution and prevention.

      1. Usage Analysis and Trends

        Helps understand user behavior, optimizing features and operations for enhanced performance.

      2. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

        Facilitates adherence to industry regulations by documenting activities, ensuring legal requirements are met.

    • Protection Against Fraud and Abuse

      Detects and mitigates fraudulent activities, safeguarding the system from internal and external threats.


    Provide your enterprise customers with advanced event tracking, auditing and visualization.


    Monitoring every event happening in your app and make decisions with information.

    Rapid Integration

    Easily and quickly integrate audit log into your applications with our API.

    Audit Log for Each Project

    Integrate an audit log for each of your projects, generate separate information, and conduct better analysis.

    Pricing for every business

    Incorporate audit log into your apps easily, quickly, and at a beautiful price.

    Free Solo

    Perfect for small applications

    • No credit card required
    • Free forever
    • 1 seat
    • 700 events / month
    • 3 Active projects
    • 7 days Log retention

    Perfect for medium applications for a small team

    • 3 seats (Soon)
    • 6500 events / month
    • 10 Active projects
    • 30 days log retention
    $19 Pro

    Perfect for applications with a large number of events

    • 50000 events / month
    • Unlimited Active projects
    • 12 months log retention
    • Unlimited members (Soon)

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